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KGBT-TV's roots lie in the 1941 establishment of KGBT radio, an independent radio station with a staff of eleven people. The station was owned by the Harbenito Broadcasting Company. KGBT became an affiliate of the CBS Radio Network in 1943.

KGBT-TV opened in 1953, as a CBS affiliate. KGBT-TV was founded by Tichenor Media System, Inc., a regional conglomerate of Spanish-language radio stations. Tichenor owned the KGBT radio station until 2003 when the company merged with Univision Communications.

Before 1976, KGBT shared ABC programming with NBC affiliate KRGV-TV. When KRGV-TV became an ABC affiliate, KGBT-TV took on a secondary NBC affiliation until 1981 when KVEO-TV signed on. KGBT-TV is the only major English-language station in the Rio Grande Valley to have never changed its primary network affiliation. In 1986, Tichenor decided to exit the English-language broadcasting market by selling KGBT-TV to the Draper Holdings Business Trust, the owner of WBOC-TV in Salisbury, Maryland. In 1998, Draper sold KGBT-TV to Cosmos Broadcasting, the broadcasting division of the Liberty Corporation. Cosmos came directly under the Liberty banner in 2001 when Liberty sold off its insurance business. Liberty merged with Raycom Media in 2006. In August of that year, KGBT-TV was sold again to Barrington Broadcasting.

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