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Channel 10 signed on the air on October 3, 1961 as KMED-TV, owned by Ray Johnson and his company, Radio Medford, Inc., along with KMED/1440. Several groups contended for the second television station in the area, but Radio Medford received a substantial assist from Bill Smulin, owner of KTVM (channel 5, now KOBI), who offered Radio Medford space on KTVM's tower. KMED-TV was an NBC affiliate, since KMED had been an NBC radio affiliate since 1937. It also shared ABC with KTVM.

In 1963, the station started a joint news department with its radio sister. KMED-AM had set up the first full radio news department between Portland and San Francisco in 1957.

In 1966, the station moved to a new tower on Mount Ashland, which added Klamath Falls to its city-grade coverage. It is the highest transmitting tower in the Pacific Northwest. To this day, channel 10 is the only Medford station that covers the entire market without a full-power satellite station.

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