Oregon – KOBI-TV NBC5


The station was founded on August 12, 1956 by William B. Smullin. The call letters KOTI are believed to have come from the city's local four-year college, the Oregon Institute of Technology (formerly Oregon Technical Institute). Originally, KOTI carried all three networks.
Today, the station is owned by president Patricia C. "Patsy" Smullin, who also owns the parent company COBi, which is the longest, continuously independent broadcast group in the West and one of the three oldest in the country. KOTI served as the only staffed television station in the Klamath Basin for many years. The station's vice president and general manager is Robert Wise, formerly general manager of former sister station KRCR-TV in Redding, California. Viewers in 12 counties in Oregon and California receive programming from NBC 2.

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