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KFXL signed on June 26, 2006 as KOWH, an affiliate of The WB Television Network. The station was originally owned by the Omaha World-Herald, from which KOWH derived its call sign. The newspaper outsourced most of the station's operations to Pappas Telecasting, which provided marketing, sales and programming services to the station. Before KOWH signed on, The WB was seen either via another Pappas-operated station, KXVO in Omaha, or a cable-only WB 100+ station, KWBL; KOWH took KWBL's place on cable systems in central Nebraska, including Charter Communications in Hastings, Grand Island, and Kearney. Like KWBL, KOWH was a straight simulcast of The WB 100+, with no live programming.

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