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What is now KTTC-DT2 began on September 21, 1998 after KTTC entered into a partnership with The WB 100+, a national programming service operated by The WB for television markets ranked greater than 100, and cable systems in the Rochester area. Prior to 1998, The WB's programming was available in Rochester via WGN-TV's national feed or local WB affiliate KMWB (now WUCW) in Minneapolis–Saint Paul. It was a cable-exclusive station, and as a result, used the call sign "KWBR" (standing for "The WB Rochester") in a fictional manner for identification purposes. KTTC provided local advertisement opportunities and performed promotional duties for the outlet.

On January 24, 2006, CBS Corporation (which became separate from Viacom after 2005) and Warner Bros. Television (the company which owned The WB) announced they then would cease operating the UPN and WB networks and combine their resources to create a programming service entitled The CW. The letters would represent the first initial of the new network's respective corporate parents.

On September 18 of that year, The CW officially launched nationwide at which point KTTC added a new second digital subchannel to simulcast "KWBR" and allowing non-cable subscribers access to the new network. With its over-their-air launch, "KWBR" began using KTTC-DT2 as its official calls and became part of The CW Plus, a successor to The WB 100+.

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