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About WXIX FOX 19

WXIX-TV began operation as an independent station on August 1, 1968; it was founded by U.S. Communications Corporation, which also owned UHF independent stations WATL-TV in Atlanta, WPGH-TV in Pittsburgh, WPHL-TV in Philadelphia and KEMO-TV (now KOFY-TV) in San Francisco. It was jointly owned by the U.S. Communications Corporation (subsidiary of AVC Corporation) station group of Philadelphia holding an 80% interest and the remaining 20% by Daniel H. Overmyer. Overmyer had previously sold the majority interest (80%) in the construction permits for the stations in Atlanta, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Houston to AVC on March 28, 1967, with FCC approval of their sale coming December 8, 1967. Before the sale to AVC, Overmyer had planned on bringing channel 19 on the air in late 1966 as WSCO-TV, named for his wife Shirley Clark Overmyer. WXIX-TV was the first new commercial station in the market since 1949, and the second UHF station in the area (behind PBS member station WCET, channel 48). The original channel allocation tables set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) did not have channel 19 in the greater Cincinnati market. The construction permit awarded to Overmyer on March 10, 1965 was for channel 74. On August 10, 1965, a request was made by Overmyer to change the allocation from channel 74 to 19, which was done in the next allocation table release a year later. The lower channel number not only allowed WXIX to provide wider signal coverage at less cost, but was also thought to be more marketable.

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