Idaho – KLEW TV


KLEW-TV signed on the air December 7, 1955 under the ownership of Cascade Broadcasting. It has always been a CBS affiliate; however, as a satellite of KIMA-TV, it also carried some programming from ABC and NBC in its early years. The station's original studio facilities were located on Idaho Street in Lewiston. Filmways agreed to purchase Cascade Broadcasting for $3 million in 1968; the sale was approved the following year. Filmways sold KLEW-TV, KIMA-TV, and KEPR-TV to NWG Broadcasting for $1 million in 1972. In 1977, KLEW moved from its original studios on Idaho Street to its current location on 17th Street.

KLEW logo used until 2008; some newscast graphics continued to use this logo for a time afterward. Retlaw Enterprises acquired the NWG stations, including KLEW-TV, for $17 million in 1986; the stations were operated as part of the Retlaw Broadcasting division. Fisher Companies (later known as Fisher Communications) agreed to purchase the Retlaw stations for $215 million on November 19, 1998, a deal that was completed in July 1999. On April 11, 2013, Fisher announced that it would sell its properties to the Sinclair Broadcast Group; the deal was completed on August 8, 2013.

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